The “What if Middletown” Visioning Process brought together various sectors of the community to identify problems, evaluate potential development, and build collaborative approaches to improve the quality of life. The process included a diverse Steering Committee, community-wide input opportunities, and work team meetings involving hundreds of people which generated over 2,500 ideas. This document is the major product of the process and proposes the community vision for Middletown.

Ideas for the vision were organized into six areas:

·        Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

·        Education

·        Health, Wellness, and Safety

·        Housing and Neighborhoods

·        Jobs, Economy, and Commerce

·        Transportation and Infrastructure

The sections on these six areas include priority steps and suggested key partners to help facilitate more specific plans of action for the future of Middletown.  It was also noted where ideas or issues surfaced that may be important to consider but may have not been dominant themes or may be limited in how the idea can be executed.

Common themes arose from across topic areas as priorities for what stakeholders want to see in Middletown:

1.      Cultivation of civic pride with a clear brand for Middletown and community assets; promotion of the good things happening and available in the City; and strategies to attract and retain residents.

1.      A talented workforce, strong businesses, and thriving commerce. This economic development will be fueled by better connecting education, business, and community organizations while revitalizing downtown as a hub of commerce and community.

2.      A small town feel with access to world-class opportunities and services.  This includes connectivity, socially and physically, so that all residents feel a part of the community. Opportunities for riverfront development and expanded recreation for healthy living, youth development, and entertainment are valued.

The vision from the community can be summarized in the statement below:

Middletown, Ohio will be a premier, 21st Century All-American community with civic pride and a welcoming doorstep; diverse and connected neighbors; opportunities for workers and businesses in the new economy; and with access to quality arts, entertainment, education, housing, healthcare, and recreation. 

 The full report is available here:

Vision Report